Loughborough Students Malaysian Society


Hellow there fellow Malaysians,

Sorry for the very very late update on Nottingham Malaysia Games, but as you
know the Nottingham games is just around the corner. We’ve got all the teams
sorted out and all we need now is a decent amount of spectators to cheer and
give the Loughborough Malaysian Team your biggest support! I encourage every
one in the Malaysian society to keep the date free and come down to
Nottingham with the team to support and meet new people! There will even be
a food festival

Venue: Nottingham
Date: 31st of October, 2009
Time: 7am-6pm (it could be later than that)

Bus service from Lougborough to Nottingham will be provided for a
minimal amount of 3pounds for members and 5pounds for non-members. So make
the 31st of Oct free and come join the fun.

Tickets for the bus will be sold at the EHB on Wednesday 28th Oct at 1.30pm.
There is a limited number of seats so please do hurry. If you cant make
Wednesday, we will sort out more times for Thursday and Friday. But need I
remind you seats are LIMITED.

Please give confirm with us on your attendance. Non members are welcome
to join the fun=)


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