Loughborough Students Malaysian Society

About Loughborough

Thinking about coming to Loughborough to study? Want to know more about the university? Want to know what you could be a part of?

Welcome to the world of Loughborough Students Malaysian Society. As a Malaysian society we are extremely active in both academics and extracurricular activities. We do our best to satisfy the needs and wants of our members.  I as the president, am fortunate to have an amazing team with me this year. The committee has been a support system for the society and myself in all aspects of university life. I am proud to say that this year will most definitely be a very eventful year as we are hosting not one, but two new major events. We hope that you will find this website useful every way.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jonson and I am the current president of the Loughborough Students Malaysian Society (LSMS). I am a second year mechanical engineering student on a B.Eng course. I enjoy all aspects of living in Loughborough. From my academic life to my extracurricular life and my social life. I can honestly say that Loughborough will always be an integral part of who I am. Being in Lougborough, I have learnt to manage my time well. Seeing that I have to balance both my studies and my love for sports. In addition, Loughborough has an  amazing social life available to students. The sports facilities here are undeniably the best available. Not only are the sports facilities stupendous, the departments for each course here are fully equipped. I have a very active social life trying to keep up with all my friends from all around the world. Seeing as I am on the university volleyball team, the president of the Malaysian Society and an engineering student I can honestly say that Loughborough university has provided me with an all rounded life. If I had to put it all in one word I would say AMAZING!

If there are any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the committee or myself. We are always willing to lend a hand with a friendly smile.

Yours truly,

Jonson Tan

President of Loughborough Malaysian Society


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