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Cheshire Oaks Shopping Trip | November 17, 2009

Hello once again fellow Malaysians,

In need of some retail therapy especially during this time of the year? Yup this is the time everyone is looking forward to, The Cheshire Oaks Shopping Trip. Cheshire Oaks Shopping Centre offers you factory outlet prices for DESIGNER CLOTHING!!!!! You can literally own a Burberry coat or a handbag for half of the price you see in the actual retail store. Its the perfect time to bring those plastic cards out and swipe and shop till you drop! Just to name a few stores in Cheshire Oaks, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Ted Baker, Polo Raulph Laurent, Jaeger, Diesel, Tommy Hilfigher and lots more EXCITING brands. Its time to throw out those old clothes and make way for new, stylish, quality clothing for the fraction of the price!

Venue: Cheshire Oasks

Time: 7.30am 4pm

Date: 21st of Nov 2009

Coach is provided and the prices are as below:

10 Pounds (Members)

12 Pounds (Non Members)

We will be at the EHB from 1pm-3pm tomorrow afternoon(Wednesday 18Nov). If you wish to buy your seat for the bus to cheshire oaks, please do so then. It is 10 for members and 12 for non-members.

If you cant make it tomorrow, there will be times on Thursdays and Fridays where you can pay depending on availability.

Pls note that the coach will be leaving at 7.30am so pls be there on time. Non- members are welcome. Pls be sure you get your ticket as seats are limited. We dont want you to miss out on this amazing trip. We will notify you further on where to buy your tickets. Lets SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!


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