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Welcome to Loughborough…

March 25, 2009
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Thinking about coming to Loughborough to study? Want to know more about the university? Want to know what you could be a part of?

Welcome to the world of Loughborough Students Malaysian Society. As a Malaysian society we are extremely active in both academics and extracurricular activities. We do our best to satisfy the needs and wants of our members.  I as the president, am fortunate to have an amazing team with me this year. The committee has been a support system for the society and myself in all aspects of university life. I am proud to say that this year will most definitely be a very eventful year as we are hosting not one, but two new major events. We hope that you will find this website useful every way.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jonson and I am the current president of the Loughborough Students Malaysian Society (LSMS). I am a second year mechanical engineering student on a B.Eng course. I enjoy all aspects of living in Loughborough. From my academic life to my extracurricular life and my social life. I can honestly say that Loughborough will always be an integral part of who I am. Being in Lougborough, I have learnt to manage my time well. Seeing that I have to balance both my studies and my love for sports. In addition, Loughborough has an  amazing social life available to students. The sports facilities here are undeniably the best available. Not only are the sports facilities stupendous, the departments for each course here are fully equipped. I have a very active social life trying to keep up with all my friends from all around the world. Seeing as I am on the university volleyball team, the president of the Malaysian Society and an engineering student I can honestly say that Loughborough university has provided me with an all rounded life. If I had to put it all in one word I would say AMAZING!

If there are any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the committee or myself. We are always willing to lend a hand with a friendly smile.

Yours truly,

Jonson Tan

President of Loughborough Malaysian Society


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UKEC Career Fair 2010

March 9, 2010
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Hi guys!

The United Kingdom & Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC) is proud to present to you the 6th annual UKEC-GRADUAN Career Fair 2010. This is one of our initiatives to provide Malaysian students in UK and Ireland with graduate hire and even internship opportunities.

Co-hosted with GRADUAN, this Malaysian career fair will be held for 3 days, with the first day (28th March) being an all day exhibition style career fair. This is followed by 2 days of interview sessions in which the companies will schedule a session with you. However, do note that some companies may schedule your interview before the fair itself, so do send in your CVs as soon as possible.
The details are as follows;

Date: Sunday, 28th March 2010 (Career Fair)
Time: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Venue: University College London (UCL)

Date: Monday 29th and 30th March 2010 (Interview Sessions)
Time: 9.00 am- 6.00pm
Venue: University College London (UCL)

CV Submission Deadline : 7th March 2010You can find your ways to UCL here: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/maps/public-transport
All students are encouraged to attend the fair as it is a great chance for you to find out more about employment opportunities in Malaysia! There are even opportunities for experienced hire, so do come on down and speak with the top executives of the leading companies at our fair! The fair is mainly catered for Malaysians, however there are opportunities for other nationalities, depending on the companies.
Summer internships are also available for those who are in their first year and second year. Final students may find this fair useful as you may apply for job placements upon completing your degrees.
If you are interested in either applying for a summer internship or job placement, kindly send your CV to cv@ukeconline.com and our participating firms will contact you should they have positions that suit your qualifications.
For the most recent list of our participating firms and other updates, please visit our updates page!
Kindly email Jeremy Ng, jeremy@ukeconline.com or Zhen Shing, zhenshing@ukeconline.com if you have other questions or visit http://www.ukeconline.com/careerfair/ for more information.

UKEC poster

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Weekly Sports for Week 3 & 4

February 27, 2010
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Hey everyone.

I hope you had fun at the AGM last Wednesday and manage to fill your stomachs with some Malaysian Food.

Now back to our routine weekly sports!

Volleyball – Saturday (27 Feb) 6-8pm – NSH Zone C

Football – Sunday (28 Feb) 6-8pm – NBC Netball Zone 2

Badminton – Sunday (7 March) 10am-12pm – NBC (3 courts)

As usual its 1 pound for members and 2 for non-members. There maybe more sports for Week 4 but as for now this is as it is.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

LSMS 09/10

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Annual General Meeting and nominations of new committee

February 17, 2010
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Hello fellow members!

First off we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2010 and to all that celebrate Chinesne New Year, Happy Year of the Tiger.

Now back to business, as you all know, its this time of the year again where the Annual General Meeting will take place and a new committee will be elected. This year the General Meeting will be on th 24th of February. Details of it are as below

Date: 24th Feb

Time: 6pm-8pm

Venue: James France building, CC13

Dinner will be provided so we hope to see you there!

Additionally, to elect a new committee, nominations are required for respective post. The post up for grabs are:


Vice Chair



Sports Secretary – 2 positions

Event Secretary


Members are free to nominate members of the society. However you will require a seconder for each nominations. An example for nominating are as such:

Position: Chair

Candidate: John Doe

Nominee: Jane Doe

Seconder: Jack Smith

Please send all nominations to the chair, Jonson Tan, via email:


Nominations ends on the 19th, Friday.

If there are any changes in plans, you will be notified via email.

Thank you.

LSMS Committee

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Sports Week 2

February 16, 2010
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Welcome to the second semester, hope your exams went fine.

Sports for this week are as such:

Football – Wednesday 17th Feb, 5-7pm, NSH Zone
Badminton – Sunday 21st Feb, 9-11am, NBC (3 courts)

Sports are 1 pound for members and 2 for non-members

Thank you. Hope to see you then


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Week 10 & 11 Sports

December 3, 2009
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Hi all,

How is university life treating all of you? With dateline dates approaching in the final 2 weeks of term before we break off for Christmas.

Sports for the next 2 weeks are as follow:

Football – Sunday(6 Dec), 6-8pm, NSH (Zone C)

Badminton – Wednesday(9 Dec), 4-5pm, Victory Hall (3 courts)

Fees are 1 pound for members and 2 for nonmembers. Since badminton is only for an hour, fee for that is 50p for members and 1 pound for non members.

Thank you.

Sports secretary.

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Week 9 Sports

November 25, 2009
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Hi there everyone.

Sorry for the very late update on sports. Sports for this week is as follow:

Netball – Sunday (29 Nov) NBC 4-6pm.

As usual it would be a pound for members and 2 for non-members.

Due to the AU taking most of the slots this week for the university’s sports, we are unable to provide other sport sessions. On the side note, those interested in FOOTBALL can join the Brunei’s Society session on Friday 8-10pm at NBC to help prepare them for their Winter Games. The cost will be split among those attending.

Thank you.


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Cheshire Oaks Shopping Trip

November 17, 2009
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Hello once again fellow Malaysians,

In need of some retail therapy especially during this time of the year? Yup this is the time everyone is looking forward to, The Cheshire Oaks Shopping Trip. Cheshire Oaks Shopping Centre offers you factory outlet prices for DESIGNER CLOTHING!!!!! You can literally own a Burberry coat or a handbag for half of the price you see in the actual retail store. Its the perfect time to bring those plastic cards out and swipe and shop till you drop! Just to name a few stores in Cheshire Oaks, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Ted Baker, Polo Raulph Laurent, Jaeger, Diesel, Tommy Hilfigher and lots more EXCITING brands. Its time to throw out those old clothes and make way for new, stylish, quality clothing for the fraction of the price!

Venue: Cheshire Oasks

Time: 7.30am 4pm

Date: 21st of Nov 2009

Coach is provided and the prices are as below:

10 Pounds (Members)

12 Pounds (Non Members)

We will be at the EHB from 1pm-3pm tomorrow afternoon(Wednesday 18Nov). If you wish to buy your seat for the bus to cheshire oaks, please do so then. It is 10 for members and 12 for non-members.

If you cant make it tomorrow, there will be times on Thursdays and Fridays where you can pay depending on availability.

Pls note that the coach will be leaving at 7.30am so pls be there on time. Non- members are welcome. Pls be sure you get your ticket as seats are limited. We dont want you to miss out on this amazing trip. We will notify you further on where to buy your tickets. Lets SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Week 8 Sports

November 17, 2009
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Hi there,

Sports for Week 8 are as follow:-

Netball – Wednesday (18 Nov) NBC 4-6pm

Volleyball – Wednesday (18 Nov) NSH 4-6pm

Badminton – Sunday (22 Nov) NBC 9-11am (3 courts)

As usual its 1 pound for members and 2 for non members. Thank you!


Sports secretary

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Week 7 Sports

November 10, 2009
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Hi everyone,

Here is the sports for this week.

Football – Saturday(14 Nov) New Sports Hall 6-8pm

Badminton – Sunday(15 Nov) NBC 10am-12pm (3 courts)

There maybe more sports for the week so just check the website and your emails.

Thank you!

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Nottingham Games 2009 (update)

October 30, 2009
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Hey people,

Just to inform those that are coming on the bus to Nottingham this weekend,
we are gathering in front of the STUDENT’s UNION at 6.30AM and the bus will
depart Loughborough at 7.00AM SHARP! For those who have not payed, players
and members, please do so on the day itself. It is 3pounds for members and
5pounds for non-members. Please try to bring exact change as it would be
messy that morning.

Also to players who have yet to pay their participation fee. Please do so on
that day as well. It would be preferred if captains of respective team
sports collect the total amount for the participation.

On the day itself, will players pack light snacks as the food hall is quite
a distance from the sporting grounds. There will be a regular shuttle bus
transporting people around the campus. For more details go to
http://www.nms-uk.com/NMS/index.html. The bus will then leave Nottingham at
6.00PM SHARP as well. More details on the pick up point then.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

LSMS Committee

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Week 5 Sport

October 26, 2009
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Sports for Week 5 are as follow:

Badminton – Tuesday(27th Oct) 5-7pm, NSH (2 court)

Volleyball – Tuesday(27th Oct) 8-10pm, Victory Hall

Basketball – Wednesday(28th Oct) 4-6pm, Victory Hall

Netball – Friday(30th Oct) 8-10pm, NBC

As usual, members are a pound and non-members pay 2 pounds.

Details for Nottingham Bus will be announce shortly, thank you for the

Sports Secretary

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Week 4 Sports

October 20, 2009
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Hi there again.
This week’s sports line up is:

Volleyball – Tuesday (20 Oct) 9-10pm Victory Hall, Wednesday (21 Oct) 8-10pm
Victory Hall

Football – Saturday (24 Oct) 6-8pm NBC

Badminton – Sunday (25 Oct) 10am-12pm NBC (2 Courts)

Sports are open to all. Members pay a pound (except Tuesday volleyball 50p),
and non-Members 2 pounds (except Tuesday volleyball 1 pound).

Also, can we have more girls to join our volleyball session as we really
need more girls to make up a team for Nottingham. No experience needed,
there will be basic coaching.

Sports Secretary

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Nottingham Games 2009

October 17, 2009
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Hellow there fellow Malaysians,

Sorry for the very very late update on Nottingham Malaysia Games, but as you
know the Nottingham games is just around the corner. We’ve got all the teams
sorted out and all we need now is a decent amount of spectators to cheer and
give the Loughborough Malaysian Team your biggest support! I encourage every
one in the Malaysian society to keep the date free and come down to
Nottingham with the team to support and meet new people! There will even be
a food festival

Venue: Nottingham
Date: 31st of October, 2009
Time: 7am-6pm (it could be later than that)

Bus service from Lougborough to Nottingham will be provided for a
minimal amount of 3pounds for members and 5pounds for non-members. So make
the 31st of Oct free and come join the fun.

Tickets for the bus will be sold at the EHB on Wednesday 28th Oct at 1.30pm.
There is a limited number of seats so please do hurry. If you cant make
Wednesday, we will sort out more times for Thursday and Friday. But need I
remind you seats are LIMITED.

Please give confirm with us on your attendance. Non members are welcome
to join the fun=).

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Week 3 Sports

October 12, 2009
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Hi people!

Here are the sports we have for Week 3.

Basketball – Tuesday (13/10/2009), 7-9pm, Victory Hall

Football – Wednesday (14/10/2009), 4-6pm, New Sports Hall

Netball – Sunday (18/10/2009), 6-8pm, NBC

Have fun.

Note:There maybe more additional sessions of badminton and volleyball.


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Week 2 Sports

October 10, 2009
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Hi epople,

Here comes the 1st session of weekly sport for the new academic year.

Badminton (3 courts) – Sunday (11 Oct) 4-6pm NBC

Volleyball – Sunday(11 Oct) 6-8pm Sports Hall

Sports session are a pound for members and two pounds for non-members.

If you are interested in Nottingham Games Volleyball please attend the
session as we wish to confirm if we can submit a team. For players
interested in Nottingham Games Basketball, please get in touch with Jonson
or email lsms.online@googlemail.com. Training sessions for basketball will
be held if we can confirm enough players for a team.

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Welcome (back) to Loughborough

October 6, 2009
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Hello all new freshers and returning students!
If you are a fresher, let us welcome you to Loughborough University, where
you will spend the next 3-4 years having an awesome time. To all returners,
welcome back!

The Loughborough Student Malaysia Society will be having it’s annual General
Meeting the coming Wednesday (7th Oct). This meeting is basically for us to
get together after the long summer break as well as to meet the new
freshers. There will be information about the society as a whole, upcoming
events (Nottingham Games being priority for now) and FREE FOOD.

Date: 7th Oct
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: D201, James France

To register as a member, log on to http://www.lufbra.net, find Malaysia Society
under Societies. OR just click here:

If you are still unsure, no rush. Please still feel free to drop by our
events and sporting sessions and get a feel of the society before you make
up your mind.

Again we would like to stress that you need not be a MALAYSIAN to join
Malaysia Society. This society is open to all Loughborough students and it’s

Thank you. Hope to see you this wednesday.

Yours truly,
LSMS Committee 09/10

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BBQ and Amazing Race

October 3, 2009
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International Day 2009

October 3, 2009
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Sheffield Games 2009

October 2, 2009
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Cadbury World

October 2, 2009
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Final sporting sessions

May 22, 2009
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hey there,

this will officially be the final week for sports this academic year!!please do come and enjoy urself before the gruelling exams begins. here they are sports:

venue: nsh zone B
time:6pm-8pm on the 24th/5/2009

venue: nbc zone 3 (courts 3 and 4)
time: 4pm-6pm on 24th/5/2009

please do come and support us.much is appreciated.
members: 1pound and non-members: 2pounds

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May 12, 2009
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Are you stressed out over exams/courseworks? Well do not miss this event out because it’s going to be amazingly fun as we are going to have a BBQ and amazing race!!!!! How exciting right?

Details are as below:
Venue: Bill Mo (William Morris) Barbeque pit
Time: 10am-3pm
DATE: 23 MAY 2009
Price: 4 pounds for member, 5 pounds for non member.
For those who are participating in the amazing race, its just 1 pound each participating fee.

Please note that the amazing race begins at 10am and the meeting point will be at Bill Mo’s BBQ pit and the duration of the race is about 3 hours. Those of you who are not taking part, you can come at 1pm for lunch.

So don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the first ever amazing race EVER hosted by the LSMS team!!!! So drop your books, bring out your shorts and wear those funky shades and come have an awesome chillaxing time!

See you there.

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Sport for week 10

May 12, 2009
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Hello everyone,

Here are the sport for week 10.

16/5/2009 Saturday
Venue: NSH zone A

17/5/2009 Sunday
Venue:NSH zone C

Come and support the final few sporting events before exams!!
members:1 pound
non-members: 2 pounds

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Nottingham Games 2008

March 28, 2009
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Nottingham games 2007

March 28, 2009
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As always, the most raved event of the year returns. For most of us it is our first ever Nottingham games and it has lived up to our expectations. Have a look and see what I mean…

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